Rachel Charlene Lewis
January 08, 2017 1:49 pm

Leave it to the straight up iconic Sasha Pierterse to leave us contemplating a new ‘do to ring in 2017. Recently, Sasha Pieterse grew out her bangs, and she celebrated with an entirely new look. We’re *so* in love with it! There are definite pros and cons to having bangs, so we get why she’d wanna grow them out. Plus, what’s more fun than a new haircut to celebrate a new year?!

We’re seriously so here for the news that Sasha Pieterse grew out her bangs. How cute is she?!

She captioned the photo,

The PLL fave is proving that change is on the horizon in 2017, and we’re so about it.

She posted a follow up pic loaded with tiny Sashas, and it’s totally artsy.

We were wondering if she was growing our her bangs when we saw her rocking these bobby pins. We know that trick all too well!

Before, she had totally adorable, thick bangs that were cut straight across her forehead.

The bangs were a sugary sweet look, and her new ‘do is straight up edgy.

Bangs or no bangs, Sasha is a stunner!

Now that Sasha Pieterse grew out her bangs, will you be doing the same!?