Olivia Harvey
Updated April 07, 2017

According to Madelaine Petsch, there’s a pandemic of ill will towards redheads and it must be stopped. In other words, the Riverdale actress is SO done with redhead myths, and she made a PSA to set the record straight. No more will redheads be told they are going extinct! No more will they put up with others thinking they have bad tempers! Now, Petsch is using her platform to speak up for those who suffer the same stigmatization she does.

Get the tissues ready. This is powerful.

Petsch, who plays the villainous Cheryl Blossom on the hit CW show, asks us not to give into the old redhead stereotypes that are out there.

That includes not bringing up that old stereotype that gingers, “don’t have souls.” Do you really think that is going to go over well with your redheaded friend? We’ll answer that for you — no.

In her poignant PSA, Petsch proves that gingers may have more soul than anyone else. Amy Adams pours her heart into each emotion-filled role she plays. The Weasley family certainly didn’t gain their positive marks from Harry Potter fans because of their love of Voldemort.

She has a really good point, there.

Share Petsch’s video to show that you’re an ally for your redheaded friends, and also to show that you aren’t supporting the true enemy — myths.