Updated Jan 10, 2020 @ 1:48 pm
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Maintaining and rocking your natural hair is not for the faint-hearted. When I made the decision to embrace my natural hair, I honestly didn’t know what I was signing up for. Having healthy, natural hair is a journey that I’ve fully committed to. Though it has its tough moments, I haven’t looked back. Natural hair, especially curly or coily hair types, can be high-maintenance.

Going natural takes a lot of commitment and money. Whether your hair is big and voluminous or short and coily, your natural hair needs real patience and T.L.C., especially on wash day. However, you don’t have to work harder—just smarter. Over the last couple of years, I’ve discovered a few hair tools and products that have saved me time and energy.

These items below will make the process of caring for your natural hair less stressful and, dare I say it, enjoyable.

The best natural hair products for protecting and preserving naturally textured hair:

1For moisturizing natural hair: Heated deep conditioning cap

Credit: Amazon

Shop it! Deep Conditioning Heat Cap, $22.99, amazon.com.

Adding heat to your deep-conditioning treatment can do wonders for your hair. Best of all? This cap is microwavable, which means it becomes a steamy oasis in two minutes or less to help maximize your conditioner’s benefits.

2For keeping natural hair frizz-free: Microfiber towel

Credit: Ulta

Shop it! Deva Towel Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel, $20, ulta.com.

Traditional towels can be drying and damaging to natural hair. However, this microfiber towel will gently dry your hair without tugging or pulling on it.

3 For styling natural hair: 360 degree spray bottle

Credit: Amazon

Shop it! GOCTOS Mist Spray Bottle, $8.49, amazon.com.

We all know how handy spray bottles are, and this one will saturate your hair in ways other basic bottles can’t.

4For detangling natural hair: Gentle detangling brush

Credit: Ulta

Shop it! Detangling Wet Brush, $13.99, ulta.com.

Finger detangling is great, but sometimes you need a brush specifically made for thick, curly hair. This wet brush set will gently detangle your hair without breaking it.

5For maintaining natural hair: Silk head wrap

Cee Cee's Closet

Shop it! Anaya Silk Lined Headwrap, $38, ceeceesclosetnyc.com.

Whether you’re wearing headwraps as a cute hair accessory or for protective styling, these items are a must-have for naturals. Anaya’s headwraps are lined with silk, which helps the hair retain its moisture.

6For smoothing natural hair: Smoothing edge brush

Credit: Target

Shop It! Camryn’s BFF Gentle Edges Double-Sided Brush/Comb, $1.59, target.com.

Smoothed-down edges are great, but protecting them is even better. This brush/comb duo will help you lay down your edges with zero-to-no damage.

7For keeping natural hair in its place: Drain insert

Credit: Amazon

Shop it! Tubshroom Hair Catcher, $12.99, amazon.com.

Cleaning your hair from the tub or sink on wash day can be draining (pun intended), but this innovative strainer is just what you’ll need. Your wash day just became stress-free.