Credit: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Karlie Kloss has always been a fashion chameleon, but now her hair is playing tricks on us in the form of here today, gone tomorrow, bangs!

The supermodel has donned both long tresses and blunt bangs in a matter of days and we’re pretty sure we have proof that Kloss has joined in on the fake bangs trend. Yes, fake bangs are a thing, and they aren’t just for the stars.

According to celebrity stylist Ryan Richman, you too can have bangs one day and go back to your long, wavy length the next day with the help of clip-in bangs. So, how do we know that Kloss is a part of this bangs club, which also includes Chrissy Teigen and Lea Michele? We have photographic proof, obviously.

Credit: Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto via Getty Images

So where exactly do you get clip-in bangs? At any hair supply store!

Credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage

“Every shop has their own unique style and colors, so I recommend a first-timer try a few local stores to compare styles and become educated before making a purchase; most stores do not accept refunds or exchanges on hair,” he explained. Sounds easy enough, now all we need to do is actually try them.

What do you think about fake bangs? Love it or loathe it?