Credit: Caitlin Ford Hair /

Nostalgia has been high lately, don’t you think? Maybe it’s this crazy election, but all we want to do is wrap ourselves in childhood memories and sleep until next Wednesday! Luckily for us, it looks like we won’t have to any time soon! There’s a new Lisa Frank rainbow hair trend taking over Instagram. Sure, it’s probably early enough in the school season to find colorful Lisa Frank folders, but we can also take it a step further for a truly immersive experience with some Lisa Frank rainbow hair!

Everywhere we look on Instagram, it seems like we’ve got rainbow hair popping up and it is absolutely delightful. This is the perfect antidote to election blues!

It’s quite possible we’ve never seen anything cooler.

We love that it can be super bright or on the paler end of the rainbow. Either way, it looks fantastic.

We never knew how badly we needed this in our lives until this moment.

Sometimes the universe just delivers, you know?

It’s definitely a time commitment in terms of getting it done and staying on top of the upkeep, but it’s so worth it for these candy—colored locks!

Would you ever take the plunge? If there’s ever a time to do it, now seems as good as ever. We could all use some cheering up and we know if we spotted unicorn hair out in the wild it would definitely put a smile on our faces!