Ashley Nada
Updated November 05, 2017
Ashley Nada

Today is National Love Your Red Hair Day! And we’re pretty sure that there are plenty of red-haired mermaids out there… (Umm, one of them is perhaps extremely famous?)

Since only 2% of humans in the world are natural redheads, we can say they are a world minority — but definitely one of the most awesome ones! (If you wanna check out an awesome list of famous red heads, click here!)

I mean, why wouldn’t we want to be a redhead?

Ashley Nada

If you are wondering why we celebrate such a day, as Stephanie, co-founder of “How to be a Redhead,” would say:

So no matter your hair color, this day is just a reminder to love the skin (and dead skin cells) you’re in.

Hope you swim by next week!