Toria Sheffield
Updated Jan 17, 2017 @ 8:11 am
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Anyone who has ever impulsively dyed their hair and then had to spend months or years growing out their natural color knows that the struggle is real. And Miley Cyrus’s latest Instagram post reminds us that celebs have to deal with mundane/annoying life problems just like the rest of us.

Miley has undergone quite the hair transformation in recent years. She debuted a super short pixie cut in 2012, and has been slowly but surely growing it back out (with an impulsive platinum blonde at home-dye situation several months back).

And now, just as we all must do in times of hair dye regret, she’s growing out her natural color.

Ah yes, the “growing phase.” We know it well, and also know that it requires ungodly amounts of patience. So, basically, we feel you Miley. We also feel literally everything about this post from last May when she dyed her hair platinum blonde and then instantly regretted it:

YES! SO MUCH YES! We’ve been there: The impulsive decision, the instant regret, the obsession over how much you hate it, and the subsequent guilt over how much you care about something that’s not even important. So thank you for putting this out there, lady, because it genuinely makes us feel less alone with our sometimes often neurotic thoughts.

Also, best of luck with the grow out process. We know it sucks, and we know it can be tempting to do something drastic. But patience, friend. We promise all will be okay.