Kylie Jenner is no stranger to changing her hair color. She’s had pink hair, gray hair, blue hair, green hair, purple hair — basically an entire rainbow of hair colors. Jenner has officially ditched her beach blonde hair for something a little more… wintry.

This time she’s from her platinum blonde locks back to her dark brown, natural-looking roots. And we’re thinking she probably also got extensions (hello, Princess Jasmine hair!) — bottom line, girl looks GOOD.

So, yeah, Kylie doesn’t look like this anymore:

Jenner posted a series of Snapchat Stories and Instagram photos to show off her new, darker look. And based on the amount of pictures and videos, she’s definitely digging the color.

Starting with this Snap that actually looks like she’s going red, not brown.

See? A full on red head situation happening here.

But lookie here, her hair turned out to not be red at all. The dark color is perfect for the upcoming chiller months.

And she’s clearly obsessed with it, which we totally get.

TBH, no matter what Jenner does to her hair, she always looks gorgeous.

So now she matches the rest of her family again — or at least their natural hair color circa like 10 years ago.

We hope the Jenners/Kardashian crew had a fantastic Thanksgiving full of love, family, friends, food and new hair colors all around. Because why not? New hair colors are always fun and festive.