It’s official: Kylie Jenner is the master of hair transformations. And Kylie just debuted a blonde bob, proving once again that she can literally pull off anything.

But for serious guys. It wasn’t all that long ago that Kylie went from long brown locks, to surprising us one day with platinum blonde, to then dazzling us with a subtle pink. To the hair obsessed like ourselves, it was a glorious time to be alive.

And now she’s done it again by showing off a new color and a chop. And by gosh she looks GLORIOUS! Seriously — this cut looks amazing on our girl, and we’re super impressed that she can pull of basically any and every color (because that takes some skillz). Take a look!



And for some context, this was Kylie’s hair just earlier this week:

The new cut is so chic and we’re not-so-secretly wondering if we should stop everything we’re doing and run out and get a bob too. Maybe? Possibly? Okay you’re right maybe we’ll take some time to think about it. But until then, we can keep ogling these pics (because it’s Friday and we deserve this):

Kylie’s not making a huge deal about the big change, nor did she warn her social media followers that it was coming. Which, TBH, we’re fine with, because surprises are BOSS.

Now, excuse us while we go try to imagine ourselves rocking this do off and on for the next eight hours. Because that’s how we roll.