Credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

If you’re addicted to dying your hair — or even just like changing up the color every now and then — you’re going to feel for Kylie Jenner in her Instagram post about her hair. She posted a throwback pic of her with her natural brunette hair and said, “I miss my dark hair.” Followed up with, “Should I go back?”

The youngest of the Kardashian clan is also the family’s number one chameleon when it comes to hair color. Seriously.

She has dyed her hair pretty much every color of the rainbow, including teal ombré, super vibrant red, mint, and literal rainbow. In the beginning of October, Jenner unveiled her gorgeous rose gold hair. And then switched it up within the month for her Halloween costume of Christina Aguilera in the music video “Dirrty.”

Yet, Jenner’s post shows that while you can be fearless when it comes to your hair color, you might crave to go back to your au naturale look.

Then, an hour after her original post, Jenner posted another photo with her brown hair. Yet, that didn’t mean she switched it back up — it was just another tricky throwback.

Jenner looks totally stunning with her original hair color, but we love how willing she is to experiment. You only live once and when you’re a fashion and style icon, you might as well have fun!

As for what color her hair actually is right now, it appears she’s rocking the bleach blonde look. At least as of November 7th, when she showed off photos of her Kylie Cosmetics store.

Even when you’re as famous as Jenner, you can still miss your old looks. And though she might stay blonde for now, we know that she’ll be showing off another hair color — whether it’s her natural brown or not — before we know it.