Lauren Saccone
Updated August 26, 2017
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Everyone needs a change once in a while. And celebrities are no different. Kelly Osbourne rocked lavender hair color for years. And the look became a part of her image. But as much as she loved the soft purple hue (and to be honest, so did we), the celebrity felt it was time to shake things up. Now, she has a fierce new look.

On Friday night, Kelly Osbourne shocked fans by posting a picture of herself at the hair salon. But this wasn’t just a routine touch-up. In fact, the television personality was overhauling her entire look. And her next Instagram photo showed the dramatic transformation.

Goodbye, lavender locks. Hello, intense orange mane!

This look is worlds away from her old hair. And we absolutely adore it.

First of all, fns were quick to jump on board. They complimented her cutting-edge style and embraced this bold new aesthetic. Furthermore, many pointed out how much the shade made Kelly Osbourne resemble her mother, Sharon. And we can definitely see the resemblance.

However, other fans were saddened to bid goodbye to Kelly Osbourne’s signature look. After all, her lavender hair was an iconic part of her image. Many mourned the loss, even as they approved of the new orange shade. We’re going to miss the purple hair that everyone came to know and love. But at the same time, we’re stoked about Kelly’s edgy new look.

Could this become the hair color trend of 2017?