Jessica Biel is rocking straight-out-of-the-'80s hair in this pic, and we are feeling her retro style

If you asked us whether we thought the perm would ever come back, we would certainly say “No.” Some things are just better left in the ’80s, like hair metal and sweatbands. But thanks to a recent Instagram posted by Jessica Biel, we might be having second thoughts.

Jessica Biel shared a photo of herself with seriously ’80s-inspired hair, and we’re surprised by how much we are on board with it.

Jessica Biel’s long brown locks always look gorgeous, but this perm is really doing something for her, don’t you think? The bangs really, truly make it.

Hair's to you! Happy birthday to the spectacular @johneshaya.

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Of course, we’re not sure if this was a choice the actress made for her own personal style or if it’s maybe for a role. Knowing her great sense of humor, it could also be a just an inside joke. It was, after all, a birthday message to the fashionable John Eshaya. Either she’s setting a brand new trend or she’s throwing back to a classic favorite. Either way, it’s delightful to see.

And actually, we think this ’80s-esque hairdo might be making a mini comeback.

It’s been popping up on so many celebrities, we wouldn’t be surprised if normals like us started hopping on the chemical treatment train, too.

Julianne Hough got permed last year, and received perfect beachy waves as a result.

Then, we saw Chrissy Tiegen slaying some super-tight curls.

Even Mandy Moore has recently hopped on the retro perm trend.

With all these stunning ladies making ’80s hair actually look cool, we’re seriously reconsidering our former judgments of it.

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