Annie Walton Doyle
February 17, 2017 1:47 pm
Annie Walton Doyle / Hello Giggles

The “secret to my success” in beauty is my longstanding love for a blunt cut hairstyle. There’s just something about it that I’ve always found more appealing than other hairstyles, especially the long, face-framing layers of French girl hair. And, not surprisingly, it seems like the blunt cut is back! Remember when we sported the look back in the day in our school pictures? Sometimes, hairstyles from our childhood make a comeback in the best way possible.

For those wanting a hair change, or simply looking for a signature ‘do, this cut is alarmingly easy and looks great on everyone. Cool girl and celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin has been rocking this hairstyle lately, as well as the stunning model Emily Ratajkowski. Even Kendall Jenner is rocking a blunt cut, which means it’s officially back!

Want to know a secret? Aside from being up-to-date with all things makeup, I’m actually confident in my hairstyling #skillz. Believe it or not, I dye and cut my own hair. I’ve been doing it for about 10 years! While I’m not a professional stylist, I do know what hairstyle works best for me.

Here’s how I achieve the blunt cut:

I center part damp hair, comb it through, look straight ahead in a mirror, grab the ends, and snip!

Annie Walton Doyle / Hello Giggles

Here’s why I’ve been rocking this ‘do for a while.

I love it because it makes my damaged, thin, brittle hair look full. I struggle to grow out all of my blonde breakage and this hairstyle pretty much solves my problems. If you want full, volumized hair, a blunt end will give you what you desire. It also adds bounce to your hair and a strangely satisfying look of “neatness” to your hairstyle, which is an alien concept to me.

Plus, this hairstyle just looks “alternative-cool.” It’s so uncool that it comes back around to being cool again.

Annie Walton Doyle / Hello Giggles

I’ve always loved girls in film and TV with unapologetically hacked-off ends. Firstly, it is a DIY look, and thus, very rebellious and punk. It’s the stereotypical thing a girl does when she shakes off the shackles of her once-oppressors and slices her flowy, feminine hair clean. Think Mulan.

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Blunt-ended girls are practical, free-spirited, good in a crisis and, most importantly, cool-looking.

If you’re looking for a spring hair update that’s somehow both drastic and subtle, this hairstyle is perfect.

Annie Walton Doyle / Hello Giggles

For those of you who are down with the blunt-slice aesthetic, and feel safer in the hands of a professional, I have a selection of blunt cut inspo for you. Cut out (print off) and take to your trusted hair person of choice.

If you want to go short.

If you want a medium cut.

If you want to keep your long locks, but switch up your hairstyle a bit.

I firmly believe that once you go blunt, you’ll never go back.