Olivia Harvey
May 22, 2017 9:36 am
Helena Inkeri/Folio Images/Getty Images

We know, we know. Leave things to the professionals. But let’s be real — sometimes time/budgets don’t allow for a visit to the salon every single time you need a bang trim. And before you start hacking away at your hair with kitchen scissors, we have some tips for cutting your bangs at home.

You may have already noticed that there are SO many YouTube tutorials out there for DIY bangs, so the task of finding the right one to follow is fairly daunting. So we filed through them and picked out a few of the best ones for a variety of different bang styles.

After reading, you’ll be armed with enough bang-cutting knowledge to hopefully prevent you from ending up like this —

— although if this is the style you’re going for, more power to you!

Note: Even though you’re tackling this from the comfort of your own home, we recommend you pick up some hair shears from your local drug store or beauty supply store, clips, and hair ties to make your life easier. So take a deep breath, wield those scissors, and let’s get snipping!

Light and airy bangs

If you have finer hair, we recommend you check out this video by Loepsie. It’s less of a tutorial and more of a “holy crap I’m cutting my own hair” video. But the way her light, wispy bangs turn out give her major credibility!

For shorter, wispier fringe, cut your hair while it’s dry so you know exactly how long your bangs will be.

Side bangs

Side bangs are great for those of us who want a more subtle fringe style. They blend into your existing style, and can be kept long so one can wear them off the face. This side bang tutorial from Brooke of The Girls with Glasses shows us how to cut and style the perfect beachy side bang.

Brooke suggests to start small and only snip bit by bit. You can take hair off, but you can’t put it back on once it’s off!

Blunt and thick bangs

Blunt bangs are great for girls with thick hair and are interested in making a statement — just like our very own Zooey Deschanel. Bianca Gover shows us the twist and cut method that is perfect for getting that straight-across fringe.

The twist method gives you nice face-framing bits on the side. To remove bluntness in any bang style, point cut the ends to soften the hard edge.

Brigitte Bardot-inspired bangs

The Brigitte Bardot-style shaggy fringe look is currently on the rise alongside ’60s and ’70s vintage fashion. In this video by Viviane Feitosa shows how to cut the bangs chin-length so they can be parted in the middle to frame the face.

This style of fringe is very low maintenance and can be easily disguised. The Bardot bang is also perfect for those of us growing out our existing bangs.

Baby bangs

Baby bangs are a cute callback to hairstyles from the ’40s and ’50s with a modernized flare. Sun from sunispretty on YouTube takes us step-by-step through her process of cutting her baby bangs.

Depending on your hair texture and thickness, baby bangs can be made thicker or wider across your forehead. It’s all about experimenting!

Bettie bangs

Similar to baby bangs, Bettie bangs usually hit just above the brow. Styled after the retro fringe Bettie Page wore, Bettie bangs usually curve up at the sides, creating an overall U-shape. Chelsey Stacey explains how she trims her Bettie bangs, but one could also use this tutorial to shape existing or freshly-cut blunt bangs into a Bettie bang-style.

This style is all about using your eye to attain evenness. Take it slow and steady, and you will achieve success!

The coolest thing about bangs is that there are so many different styles to choose from. They can add so much personality to your overall look. And remember, it’s just hair. Have fun with it!