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“Ever since I got a keratin treatment, my hair gets greasy just one day after washing it. I don’t want to have to wash it daily.”

Jennifer, via e-mail

The fix: Switch to a volumizing shampoo. It will strip your roots of natural oil, resulting in less grease, says Paul Labrecque, the owner of the Paul Labrecque Salons and Spas, in New York City. If you use conditioner, apply it only to the bottom half of your hair; the keratin, a nourishing protein, has already conditioned the top. To further deter oil troubles, spray a dry shampoo on your roots twice daily on the days that you skip washing. Try L’Oréal Paris EverStyle Texture Series Energizing Dry Shampoo (To buy: $11, at drugstores and And when you’re out and about, avoid touching or brushing your hair. Both actions stimulate oil glands and could worsen the problem, says Candace Bossendorfer, a hairstylist in Los Angeles.

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This article originally appeared in Real Simple.