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There’s certain moments in history that would be socially irresponsible to ignore, especially when we’re still in the middle of a generous ocean of ’90s nostalgia. Britney Spears’s most iconic moments are part of those special times in fashion history. Today is Britney’s birthday, so a celebration is in order! We have searched the wilds of the internet (and our terrifying memory banks) to gather a few of our favorite hair moments from the pop princess herself!

Happy birthday Britney! Hopefully, our dedication to your hair journey doesn’t spark too many traumatic teenage memories. If it does, just know that you inspired many of us to make the same hair-related fashion decisions.

We’re all in this together.

The bleached messy waves.

This was Britney’s nightclub meets beach look.

The adult pigtails hairstyle.

Between Britney and Baby Spice, the ’90s tried desperately to make adult pigtails a “thing.”

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The curled waves with a snake look.

The loose curls are nice, but the way managers forced Britney to dance with a snake is really the most iconic (and tragic) part of this look.

The mermaid balayage look.

This multi-colored comeback was just last year.

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The newsboy hat phase.

During the early 2000s, around the time her movie Crossroads was released, Britney was often seen in a variety of hats, mostly newsboy caps.

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The zig zag part hair phase.

DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN ZIG ZAG PARTS WERE A TREND?! For many of us, that period is a dark hole full of failed part attempts, but Britney somehow pulled it off.

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Britney’s “Oh baby, baby” pigtail braids.

We can’t even make fun of this style because she’s too young and pure.

Her stick straight chestnut bedroom hair.

This was Avril Lavigne levels of straight hair.

Her bleached Christmas curls and Santa hat. All the yes!

Christmas Britney might be our current favorite of the pop princess’s.

Her flipped bob.

This was a classic ’90s haircut and probably one of Britney’s most conservative hairstyles.

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Britney’s bangs and curled cut.

We would be heretics to not include this original Britney phase.

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The crimped curls and headband look.

Britney’s hairstyle at the 1998 American Music Awards managed to combine the trend of hair crimping AND headbands.

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Hopefully Britney experiences as much joy on her birthday as we did reliving the many hair trends of her career.