From wet to full and fabulous
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Somewhere along the way, I missed the lesson on proper hair drying. I usually spend about 15 minutes zapping my hair in every which way until it ends up in a frizzy, mostly dry pile. Then I go over it with a flat iron until it (literally) bends to my will—whether I want to straighten, wave, or curl it. While the outcome works, it takes a lot of time and ultimately results in quite a bit of heat damage. And every time I sit in the chair for a professional blowout, I realize that my drying technique is way off.

After my last trim, as I watched the damaged ends hit the floor, I resolved to master the art of drying. But without a third hand, I just could not seem to achieve the perfect blowout, no matter how carefully I tried (OK, to be honest, it wasn’t that carefully—the monotony gets boring and who has the time?). So I did a little Googling, and found a solution: a hairdryer and round brush in one. I ordered it on Amazon Prime and, two days later, gave it a try.

Credit: Amazon

The hot air flows through the brush, which means I can use both hands on one tool instead of clumsily trying to use one hand on my dryer and one on my brush. One caveat: The barrel is a little fat and takes a few tries to get used to. Since my hair is medium in length and fine but surprisingly thicker than it seems, I separate it into two layers and dry the bottom one first, then the top. I think this tool would work best for someone with short- to medium-length hair.

Since I started using the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer two months ago, it’s shortened my morning routine by half, and greatly reduced the amount of time I’m applying heat to my hair (no more flat iron—unless I want to add some texture or additional style).

This article originally appeared in Real Simple.