Plus, it uses all-natural ingredients and comes in 100% recycled packaging.

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Olivia Hancock

Welcome to Game Changers, a weekly series in which we reveal the holy-grail beauty products we’re loving now—the ones that saved our hair, cleared our skin and, in some way, changed our lives.

I’ve been known to put off wash days for one simple reason: detangling. My thick and curly hair tangles easily, and it requires a lot of patience and product to work through knotted strands. While creams and oils help smooth out my tangled hair, nothing works better on it than a leave-in conditioner spray, and I recently discovered a new favorite: the Rucker Roots Daily Leave-In. Why is this one a winner? Because it makes tackling the toughest tangles a breeze and leaves my hair ultra hydrated.

Rucker Roots

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I carefully curate my hair-care routine with products that are free of harsh chemicals and packed with hair-loving ingredients, so this leave-in checked off every box for me. Rucker Roots believes using all-natural ingredients is the framework for healthy hair. Its Daily Leave-In is part of its GTC Collection—a line that uses oils from ginger, turnip, and carrot roots. 

Together, these vegetable oils work to nourish hair from the roots to the ends. Ginger root oil boosts hair growth and blood flow to the scalp; turnip root oil amplifies shine, color, and elasticity of the hair; carrot root oil strengthens strands while also promoting growth. In addition to these good-for-you ingredients, the brand’s leave-in conditioner is also formulated with biotin and sunflower seed oil to increase its effectiveness. This leave-in is also vegan, paraben-free, and sulfate-free, and the packaging is made from 100% recycled plastics—so that’s another plus in my book. 

When I’m preparing for a wash day, the first thing I do is thoroughly drench my curls with this Rucker Roots Daily Leave-In. The lightweight product spritzes out in a creamy mist and instantly soaks into my hair, making it easy to finger-detangle or glide a wide-tooth comb through my hair. The way it deeply conditions my curls helps me carefully undo tangles section by section without yanking or pulling. After I saturate my hair with it, my hair feels incredibly moisturized, and my curls get an enhanced softness and an undeniable shine to them. The product’s blend of fresh ingredients also gives it a delightful scent—meaning my hair smells absolutely amazing after. 

Post-wash day, I often find myself using this product to refresh and enhance my curls. Honestly, since adding this to my routine I've found that detangling my textured hair has never been easier.