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This $10 Hydrating Jojoba Oil Saved My Bleached Hair From Total Disaster

Not to mention, it treats blemishes and dark spots, too.
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This year, a dumpster fire of unhappiness, was also a time of changing hair color. Celebs embraced pastels, TikTok discovered temporary dye techniques, and root touch-up became the most heroic product known to woman. So, naturally, I made like the trends and decided to pull a T-Swift "Bleachella" moment to turn my locks platinum

If you're Going Through It (as I assume we all are), I can confirm that turning to bleach is the correct answer. However, you've also got to turn to some seriously hydrating products: After one day in the chair, my hair texture went from semi-OK to haystack. That's how dry it felt. Luckily, my hair stylist (and emotional guru) turned me onto a $10 miracle in a bottle.

Just a little bit of Leven Rose's jojoba oil saved my hair from completely drying out. It revitalized my color-processed locks into a soft and silky bunch that could continue to withstand the occasional styling. 

Jojoba Oil by Leven Rose, Pure Cold Pressed Natural Unrefined Moisturizer for Skin Hair Body
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Shop it! $10,

To get the best results, my stylist recommended that I use the oil like a leave-in conditioner. I apply after I shower, and sometimes, if I don't have anything going on the next morning, right before I go to sleep. My hair gets greasy easily, so that's why these two methods work the best for me. Depending on your hair's texture, you could apply the oil more or less often. Give yourself a weekend to test it out—it doesn't take long to figure out what works best. 

The natural oil works so well because of its enriching ingredients. It has high concentrations of vitamins B and E, as well as zinc and minerals that promote hair growth. And jojoba oil also heals skin, so it's a great solution for everything from stretch marks to chapped lips. It even works as a makeup remover and a spot treatment for harsh pimples. No wonder this bottle has garnered nearly 16,000 perfect ratings on Amazon.

Personally, I find the oil to be extremely hydrating for my skin, and it doesn't leave a slimy and oily residue, a trait of some other products that drives me absolutely bonkers. And with every new use I test out, I become more and more impressed. It rubbed off my go-to mascara and took off my brow pencil as if it were a magic eraser. It soothed a pimple the way Harry Styles' smile (and his artfully crafted clapbacks) soothes the world. And it turned my flaky lips from dry disasters into moisturized masterpieces. 

I found one Amazon review that put it best: "This is the best product I've ever used for hair and skin. It not only leaves my hair shiny and manageable, but my skin has never felt so soft and supple."

Now if only the jojoba oil could get 2020 to end faster. Pick up the miracle bottle at Amazon for $10.