Courtney Leiva
December 01, 2017 9:50 am
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While makeup, perfume, and skin care holiday sets are always a major plus during the holiday season, styling tool gift sets always make a unique treat this time of year.

Almost everyone loves a good hair day, and styling tools make that happen.

So if you have a hair enthusiast or two on your holiday shopping list this year, you’ll want to treat them to amazing styling tools that can help straighten, curl, and wave their hair to perfection.

Sure, hairspray, hair serum, and dry shampoo stocking stuffers are nice, but there is always something special about gifting (or treating yourself!) to some handy styling tools. The approaching cold winter months always require you to do a little extra styling anyways. Plus, some gift sets offer killer (and not to mention colorful) packaging.

And while it’s true that some hot styling tools can take a serious blow on your wallet, we’ve got 27 options to satisfy any budget.

1InStyler Cerasilk Woven Ceramic Curling Iron, $95


With a cool touch grip tip, you can easily wrap your hair around the barrel. Say hello to effortless waves in no time.

2BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium PRIMA3000 Styling Iron, $179.95

Image Courtesy Of Ulta

Heating up to 465 degrees, this straightening iron uses special ion multiplier technology to keep your locks straight and smooth.

3HOT TOOLS Black Gold Curling Iron, $64.99

Image Courtesy Of Ulta

This super-cool curling iron has 24k gold styling surfaces to guarantee perfect waves and curls.

4SUTRA Heat Brush 2.0 Vinyl Arched Bristles, $150

Image Courtesy Of SUTRA

Featuring heat resistant bristles and negative ion technology, use this straightening brush to smooth and straighten your hair easily.

5InStyler Glossie Ceramic Styling Brush, $59

Image Courtesy Of InStyler

But if you are looking for a styling brush that’s a bit more budget-friendly, use this must-have item to banish frizz and leave your hair silky smooth.

6Revlon Salon 360 Dual Fast Hair Dryer and Styler, $59.99

Image Courtesy Of Target

Whether you want to create a bouncy blowout or sexy beach waves, this blow dryer features dual air modes to help dry and style your hair fast.

7Dear Drew by Drew Barrymore You are Powerful Ionic Ceramic Dryer, $168.94

Image Courtesy Of Dear Drew

Great for the millennial pink-enthusiast on your list, this chic dryer features two ionic settings (and two diffusers and concentrator) attachments to keep frizz and flyaways at bay.

8T3 Micro Reversed Tapered Barrel, $85

Image Courtesy Of T3 Micro

This interchangeable reversed tapered barrel creates shiny and sexy waves that won’t budge.

9HAI Beauty Concepts Stylset Professional Dryer, $139.99

Image Courtesy Of HAI Beauty Concepts

Transferring a sweet jasmine scent to your hair, this amazing dryer also offers complete heat and wind control settings to help style your hair to perfection.

10HAI Beauty Concepts Gold Convertable Flat Iron, $99.99

Courtesy of HAI

You don’t have to worry about dryness or breakage when you use this styling iron.

11NuMe Classic Curling Wand Reverse, $89

Image Courtesy Of NuMe

Adding depth and dimension to your hair, you can expect this curling iron to show off all those beautiful balayage highlights.

12GHD Nocturne Platinum Professional Performance Styler, $249

Image Courtesy Of GHD

Featuring a mesmerizing, and not to mention, colorful design, this amazing styler promises less breakage and brilliant shine.

13drybar The 3-Day Bender 1.25 Digital Curling Iron, $135

Image Courtesy Of drybar

Thanks to special rotating technology, this curling iron creates dazzling curls and waves easily.

14Bedhead Wave Artist Deep Waver for Beachy Waves, $29.99

Image Courtesy Of Amazon

If you prefer a crimping iron, this unique deep waver promises ultra-deep waves that are totally glam.

15BIOIONIC GoldPro Curling Iron, $90

Image Courtesy Of BIOIONIC

This 24K gold-infused iron uses a BioCeramic heater to create long-lasting curls that won’t fade.

16BIOIONIC 2 Gold Pro Travel Dryer, $99

Image Courtesy Of BIOIONIC

A 24K Gold Ceramic Mineral-infused barrel allows you to create flawless blowouts in minutes.

17T3 Source Showerhead Filter, $150

Image Courtesy Of T3 Micro

Treat yourself (or someone else) to this handy showerhead filter, which prevents free chlorine, dirt, odor, and impurities from ruining your hair.

18Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush in Rose Quartz, $120

Image Courtesy Of Amika

Crystal enthusiasts will love this fun straightening brush, which comes in a chic rose quartz shade.

19VOLOOM Rootie the Rootlifter, $119.95

Image Courtesy Of VOLOOM

This one-of-a-kind styling iron treats your hair to some amazing volume you won’t be able to get with a round brush.

20Herstyler Colorful Season Complete Set, $60

Image Courtesy Of HerStyler

It never hurts to add two or three of these styling toolsets to your shopping cart. Plus, this set comes in multiple colors and prints — pink, blue, and zebra to name a few.

21Martino by Martino Cartier Feel the Vibes Vibrating Brush, $99

Image Courtesy Of HSN

Promote healthier hair with this vibrating brush, which uses infrared heat to style your locks without damaging them.

22PRO Beauty Tools Professional 1” Iridescent Curling Iron, $24.99

Image Courtesy Of PRO Beauty Tools

Seriously, this fun iridescent curling iron is for all you holographic babes.

23Bellami Hair Grav3yard Girl Curl Set, $149.99

Image Courtesy Of Bellami Hair

Packed with lots of hair styling tools, this is the ultimate gift set for hair perfectionists on your list.

24Remington S8598P Flat Iron with Smartpro Sensor Technology, $42.99

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Image Courtesy Of Remington

Featuring keratin and almond-infused plates, this is one handy straightening iron you need if you are looking for tools that keep your hair happy and healthy.

25Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light Pro Dryer, $349

Image Courtesy Of Harry Josh

Available in a cute mint hue, this luxury dryer is perfect for all those blowout fanatics in your life.

26Be Professional Holiday Blowout Kit, $170

Image Courtesy Of Be Professional

This special deal (lasts until December 31st) and it allows you to score a luxury dryer, plus two free hair brushes.

27Sutra Beauty Cordless Rechargeable Flat Iron, $199

Sutra Beauty

If you’re really feeling fancy or want to make someone’s entire year, this cordless flat iron will do the trick.

If you have a hair enthusiast on your list, be sure to treat her to any of these 27 styling tools this holiday season.