Courtney Leiva
Updated Oct 17, 2017 @ 2:50 pm
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Credit: Image courtesy of ghd

Just when you thought the whole contouring thing was over and done with, you’ll probably be a bit shocked to know that hair contouring (yes, really!) is now a thing, especially since the new ghd Contour Professional Performance Crimper uses special crimping technology to give your hair an epic contoured look that helps your face shape pop brilliantly.

Curious to know how the whole thing works? Using small bevels, the new ghd Contour Professional Performance Crimper is a hair lover’s delight, as it helps perk up your current hairstyle while adding hidden texture throughout your hair. And also contouring your face shape through your hair, this ingenious tool is a must for those who want to bring a little more balance to their hair looks.

The new ghd Contour Professional Performance Crimper definitely the modern-day version of the crimper, as it features the crimping plates we all remember from the early ’00s. But unlike those chunky plates we remember back then, the small bevels function more like a volumizing tool. It gives your hair that necessary oomph, without making you look you stepped out of a dated episode of Lizzie McGuire.

Credit: Image Courtesy Of ghd

To see how the ghd Contour Professional Performance Crimper looks like on real hair, the brand shared before and after photos, so you can see how it transforms your look easily. Of course, the hair model already has gorgeous hair in the before photo, but it’s amazing to see how the tool adds a little more lift, without disturbing her flawless hairstyle altogether.

Credit: Image Courtesy Of ghd

See what we mean? It’s a perfect way to get that come-hither lift and shape, without having to style your hair all over again.

Credit: Image Courtesy Of ghd

Now available at Sephora for $169, this is one tool any beach wave enthusiast will want to get their hands on!