Claire Beaudreault
January 25, 2018 3:04 pm
Anna Buckley / HelloGiggles / Amazon

Ah, the humble claw clip. The beauty staple of the ’90s appears to be making a comeback, and we’re not exactly mad at it.

They can range from fugly to frumpy, but in the hands (and hair) of the right person, the claw clip can make a statement. Heck, even Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton rocked some teeny, understated claws. A royal co-sign means it’s not tacky! (Unless you want it to be, in which case, go get your kitsch on.)

Claw clips are a great way to get your hair out of your face while cooking, painting, washing your face, or any other activity that might require a quick updo. Styles range from basic black to classic tortoiseshell, bejeweled metal to brightly colored plastic, raver to mermaid, and everything in between. Plus, there’s that classic move of seductively removing a clip from your hair and letting your tresses tumble down. Just like in the movies! We’re not gonna call the claws iconic, per se, but they do come in handy.

Check out some of the finest claws Amazon has to offer:

1Yeshan Acrylic Claw Hair Clip (Pack of 12), $8.90


The pastel glitter is undeniably pretty.

2Goody Classics Bow Claw Clips, $16.35


It’s a clip…it’s a bow…it’s totes adorbs.

3Parcelona Tortoise Shell Celluloid Side Slide Claw Clip, $8.95


An elegant clip to pull your hair aside.

4Kim&Co. Large Claw Clip in Leopard, $8.99


Leopard is a neutral.

5Kim&Co. Large PVC Claw Clip in Pink, $7.69


This pure pale pink is giving us rose quartz vibes.

6Prettyou Plastic Claw Crystal Banana Clip (Pack of Two), $10.98


A banana clip for those blessed with a ton of hair.

7Motique Accessories Leaf Design Hair Claw in Pearlized Green, $7.99


Feel like a forest nymph with a pretty leaf in your tresses.

8Meilliwish Cute Gemstone Hair Claw, $12.99


It’s like jewelry for your ponytail.

9Lady Up Mini Claw Flower Shaped Clips (50 pack), $10.98


They’re made for little girls but we think they’d be so cute sprinkled through your locks.

10Meilliwish Leaf Cute Girl Hair Claw Clip, $12.99


Another leaf for the wood sprites among us.

11Motique Accessories Speckled Jumbo Jaw Clip in Grey, $6.99


A soft goth speckle for your rainy-day frizz.

12Motique Accessories Scalloped Large Jaw Hair Claw in Gold, $7.99


Solid gold to match your hoops and chains.

13Helen Accessories Opera Collection Swirly Silver Crystal Medium Hair Claw, $20.90


A blinged-out big claw.

14Hicarer Butterfly Mini Claw Barrettes in Assorted Colors (100 pieces), $8.99


Get your ’90s raver hair situation going.

15Helen Accessories Secret Garden Shark Tooth Grip Hair Claw in Royal Blue, $11.90


Delicate flowers decorate this sleek black clip.

16Motique Accessories Leaf Design Hair Claw in Hot Pink Tie Dye, $7.99


::peace sign emoji::

17Meilliwish Noble Beautiful Lady Hair Claw Clip, $12.98


(It’s not actually Burberry, but it’s a look.)

18Helen Accessories France Collection Large Hair Clip in Black, $12.90



19Beautyxyz Metal Rose Crystal Rhinestone Hair Clip, $9.99


A bit of vintage flair.

20Cornucopia Brands Multi-Colored Mini Flower Hair Clips (100 Pieces), $7.99


Mix and match with mini butterfly clips for a fun spring statement.

Claws out!