We are always on board for a daring hair look, so the rainbow hair trend has been a fashion moment we’ve enjoyed. Just when we were convinced rainbow hair couldn’t grow brighter or explore more creative color combinations, we were gladly proven wrong. The Pravana Hair Color Collective member and all-around impressive hair artist Kayla Boyer created a Sour Patch Kids-inspired hair color that has us pining for the childhood candy.

In order to create the look, Boyer used shades from the PRAVANA VIVIDS collection and mixed her own recipe of bright candy colors.

We want to eat this look as much as we want to wear it.

She truly captured the ’90s candy aesthetic.

The best part is that she topped off the look with glitter, because, as she said in her Insta caption, “you can’t forget the sugar on top!” Pure genius.

Boyer shared her thoughts on the look in an email to HelloGiggles:

BRB, we’re popping to the drugstore for an old snack.