Olivia Harvey
August 07, 2017 7:12 am

We’ve been theorizing that Rihanna is a mythical creature of some kind for a while now. Her glittery accessories and elegant flowing gowns originally made us think fairy queen. But Rihanna’s new turquoise hair is what changed our mind, and it all makes sense now. She’s a siren — a mermaid wrapping us around her little finger with her beauty and voice!

It all became clear when Rihanna took the plunge into the world of blue hair — she’s been a mermaid living on land all this time. She even matched her nails to her ‘do to get the point across.

We sea you, Rihanna!

To all the skeptics who aren’t totally sold on this conspiracy, allow us to lay out the evidence. Turquoise hair — check. Turquoise nails that pay homage to her original under-the-sea scales — check. Land goggles (known to us as sunglasses) — check.

Guys, Rihanna even once wore a coral reef-inspired dress (but at that point, we were still on the whole fairy queen theory and the mermaid truth totally went over our heads).

So now that we’re 99.5% certain that Rihanna is an underwater creature on land, all we can do is thank the heavens that she decided to grace this above-ground world with her ethereal presence.

And in all seriousness, we are LOVING this intense pop of color for the last days of summer. It’s such a pretty shade and is making us feel like it’s high time we got a little adventurous with our own hue. And if dyeing your ENTIRE head of hair feels like a little too much of a commitment — remember, there are always highlights, hair chalk, and clip-in extensions. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Mermaids, go forth!