Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Jan 03, 2018 @ 2:45 pm

Given the momentum of last year’s hair and makeup innovations, we had no doubt that 2018 would bring us creative beauty trends. But we didn’t think our expectations would be exceeded within the first three days of the new year. The Halo Top ice cream hair trend has already arrived to titillate our senses and kick off 2018 with a bang (or set of bangs).

The latest and perhaps most delicious of the Instagram hair trends demanding our attention was brought to life when Scruples Hair Care challenged 10 different stylists to create hair color looks based on Halo Top ice cream flavors. Naturally, much like the delicious low-calorie ice cream itself, the Halo Top hair challenge was impossible for the stylists to resist. And thus, a series of gorgeous Halo Top-inspired hair looks were born for us to gaze upon with a mixture of awe, light confusion, and hunger.

Whether you’re feeling like 2018 might be the year to stick to earthy S’mores tones, or you’re envisioning a vibrant mermaid Rainbow Swirl in the near future, the stylists in this challenge covered a wide variety of flavors. Hopefully, this delightful hair trend serves as an indicator of what’s to come in the beauty world in 2018. Either way, we’re into it.

Let’s have a look at the flavors, shall we?

Black Cherry:

The talented California stylist @sydniiee brought the party to Black Cherry with her purple ombré interpretation of the flavor.

Rainbow Swirl:

When she picked Rainbow Swirl for her flavor, stylist Robin Del Toro went FULL in and made the rainbow electric.

Lemon Cake:

Bright yellow can be a tough color to get right, but Megan Schipani knew just how to work a neon yellow while keeping the color crisp and edible.


If you’re looking for an earthy blonde look, then Ryan Weeden’s textured S’mores coloring might be just what the doctor ordered.

Red Velvet:

The Red Velvet shade from stylist @makeupbyfrances takes the cake for the shade the most identical to the food it’s inspired by.


Chocolate is one of the most classic natural hair colors, and yet Mika Rogerson was still able to elevate it to another level of mouthwatering.

Cinnamon Roll:

The stylist, Brit Wright, not only captured the gooey goodness of the Cinnamon Roll flavor, but she also shot her model in a gorgeous monochromatic setting.

Peanut Butter Cup:

If this was a challenge competed for a prize, Leysa Carrillo deserves one for her extra thoughtful look. Her vision of the Peanut Butter Cup flavor included one look for straight hair and one look for curly. Both gorgeous with shades and dimension that compliment each hair texture.

Birthday Cake:

When it came to showing all the colors of a delicious birthday cake, Kristina Cheeseman held nothing back with her multi-color job and delightful rainbow sprinkles.

Sea Salt Caramel:

Sea Salt Caramel is one of those flavors that starts off subtle and sweet and then gradually leaves a strong impression, and colorist Sadie Gray knew just how to translate that quality to her model’s hair.

We are now officially hungry and inspired to dye our hair. And, of course, excited for what other new trends will show up in 2018.