Olivia Harvey
Updated Sep 11, 2017 @ 4:17 pm

We always pegged her as more of a Gryffindor, but perhaps Emma Stone would be better suited among the Slytherin kind. Why, you ask? Well, Stone could easily be mistaken as Draco Malfoy’s sister with this recent hair look.

Stone turned heads on the red carpet yesterday at the premiere of her latest film, Battle of the Sexes, which took place during the Toronto International Film Festival. She sported her newly bleached hair in a slicked-back style, similar to that of Harry Potter’s arch nemesis.

Did Stone just receive a very important letter via owl? It is back-to-school season, after all.

Credit: Getty Images / J. Merritt

Stone has been rocking her platinum color for a few months now. She debuted the hue at June’s American Film Institute’s 45th Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute to Diane Keaton.

The La La Land actress seems to like the Marilyn Monroe-inspired color so much that she’s kept it throughout the summer and into fall. In the process, we’ve learned that Stone can pull of pretty much every natural hair color known to man. But being a natural blonde, the lighter tone does wonders for her skin and blue eyes.

Credit: Getty Images / Walter McBride

And the same is true for her brother from another mother.

If Stone chooses to keep her blonde around for another month, she may seriously want to consider dressing as Malfoy for Halloween. Think about it — she has more than enough awards under her belt to prove she could easily pull off a bratty teen boy for one night.

A secret member of the Malfoy family or not, Stone can really pull off slick platinum hair. We just hope she stays away from the dark side.