We’re all eternally in search of the perfect, easy beachy waves, and celeb stylist Kristen Ess is here to save us. She recently posted a brief “flat iron waves” tutorial to her Instagram on how to create the perfect celebrity-approved wavy texture with just a flat iron…which is super ideal, because so often we’re told that the best way to create enviable waves is with an extra implement — a curling wand, or something — that we don’t have on hand. But now we know, all we need is to whip out that high school straightener, and we’re ready to go.

Her tutorial is suuuuuper simple. Like, so simple that even *we* couldn’t mess it up.

In fact, in her caption, she claims it’s so simple that there really are only two things you need to do:

We’ll get back to you on the “don’t overthink it” issue, but in the meantime, we spent a while browsing Kristen’s Instagram for celebrities that she’s tried this style on.

Kristen Ess styles some of our faves, like Lucy Hale…

…and Jenna Dewan Tatum, who seems super into this look.

Not that we can blame her. It looks amazing.

She’s also done these texturized waves for Ashley Tisdale, with some added braids to make it even cooler.

And of course, Lauren Conrad herself has rocked these waves.

We’re definitely going to try out this lewk as soon as possible!