We’re used to seeing her rocking locks of dark browns and auburns. But Shailene Woodley just crossed over into the light side of life and she makes a convincing golden goddess. Celebrity hairstylist, Keri Hill, used the “smudging” technique to take Woodley’s brown to blonde. Needless to say, the term “smudging” intrigued us and we needed to know more.

According to Refinery29, smudging is a new West Coast coloring trend that basically “smudges” out harsh lines at the root from previous dye jobs, including highlights. This process ensures that the lighter dye will look more natural and softer.

Hill posted a photo of herself and Shailene Woodley Instagram. From this photo we can clearly see that smudging works wonders!

In the video below, professional hairstylist Alexsis Mae explains how she uses the smudging technique to blend darker roots into lighter ends. You’ll see that she literally smudges the color into the hair.

Woodley is no stranger to this new color. Her character in the Divergent series sported a bob in a similar tone to her new beachy waves.

Even so, going blonde is quite the change from her classic dark brunette. But we think it’s a good change, especially for summer.

If Woodley’s new ‘do is something you could see yourself with, ask your stylist if they know and are versed in the smudging method. Thanks to Woodley and her hairstylist, this technique might spread from coast to coast in the blink of an eye and a toss of the natural-looking blonde hair!