Gabriela Herstik
Updated March 01, 2017

We’re not unconvinced that Emma Watson is actually a rose, and her updo at the U.K. premiere of Beauty and the Beast just proved our point. Not one to shy away from intricate hair statements, Emma Watson’s locks were dressed up, wrapping around her head into the perfect bun meets budding flower combination. From the front, it looks like Emma has her swept into a chignon or simple twist, but from the back you see its better, much better. Her hair twists from soft braids into an intricate floral creation, reminiscent of a rose. It’s so Belle.

Karma Tang/Getty

And in true Emma fashion, the makeup accented her hair perfectly.

Tim Whitby/Getty

With the perfect rosy lip, mascara and natural brows, we can’t help but notice how perfectly Emma embodies Belle. Emma wore a textured, off-the-shoulder full length gown in a stunning icy blue to the premiere. The dress featured a cape that trailed behind the actress, helping her look like the real life Disney Princess she is. By wearing a couple of ear cuffs, Emma also elevates the dress, making it a little more modern.

Joe Maher/Getty

Even from afar, we can’t stop staring at this look, and this hair! Although this movie is about love and that it’s what’s inside that counts, feeling and looking beautiful is never a bad thing. And we love that Emma wove the theme of the enchanted rose from the movie into her hair. That’s some real life movie magic!