Johnni Macke
March 31, 2017 12:18 pm

Every girl talks about shaving her head, right? Wrong! Surprisingly, Lucy Boynton, Kiernan Shipka and Emma Roberts have actually talked about shaving their heads. Yes, really.

These three lovely ladies are the stars of The Blackcoat’s Daughter and apparently, a nearly bald head is not off limits for any of them.

In an interview with People to promote their new horror film, the three actresses revealed whether or not they’d ever go bald.

While chatting about fashion faux pas and style victims, Boynton admitted that shaving her head always seems to come up.

Rob Kim/Getty Images

Even though Boynton isn’t a major fan of people trying to give her a mullet, she admits she would do almost anything for a role.

Her two co-stars couldn’t agree more.

This even includes going bald!

Shipka explained that she’d try “most things” if the job was right. She would, in fact, shave her head saying if it was “my V for Vendetta moment.”

Roberts also echoed her co-stars’ go-get-em attitude and would try anything once when it comes to hair.

“Is it weird that I hope someone asks me to shave my head for a role?” Roberts said. “Because that would be the only excuse I’d have to do it.”

We’ve seen the 26-year-old actress rock blonde, brunette, and red locks, but a shaved head would be a whole different look. If anyone could pull it off though, we trust these ladies to do it with style and sass.

What about you, would you shave your head?