Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Feb 03, 2017 @ 12:19 pm

In many ways, winter is an ideal time to change up your hairstyle. While the outside world turns into a cruel and frostbitten wonderland, you can transform your hair into the color and shape that fits your mood. This year, Emma Roberts is rocking a new hair color, opting to warm her honey blonde hair up into a smoky cayenne red shade. It suits her skin tone and feels like a subtler homage to the ever popular phoenix hair trend.

The new look came courtesy of Nine Zero One Salon co-owners, Nikkie Lee and Riawna Capri, who were behind many of Roberts’ iconic hairstyles before. (Does the hair-themed hashtag #DesertRose ring a bell?) The shade of color itself was cooked up by Lee, while Capri took the wheel when it came to creating a soft beach wave texture.

Lee had this to say when we asked what the decision was for Emma’s new style:

She added this about the ~hot~ new shade:

Here is a similar color from geniuses at Nine Zero!

These are great reference photos to show your stylist if you’re craving a similar color!

Emma can always turn up the volume on both the curls and the red when spring arrives. That is, if she feels like going for more drama than her role and regular outfits in Scream Queens.

Now Roberts is ready to kick off the weekend fueled by the fire that only comes from a new hairdo!