Black girls and women are constantly policed because of their appearance. Whether it’s their skin tone or their hair texture, the policing — and sometimes violence — that Black women and girls are forced to endure just for existing is inexcusable. And one teacher exemplified this unjust behavior in her treatment of a little girl’s beautiful natural hair.

Tionna Norris received a letter from her daughter’s teacher at Raggedy Anne Learning Center in Chicago — but instead of being notified about either her child’s disruptive or exceptional behavior displayed in the classroom (which is normally what you’d find in a teacher’s note), Norris was shocked to find the letter focused on her daughter Amia’s natural hair.

Even after Norris sent a follow-up letter to the school’s administrator, it was reported that no bullying incident ever took place. Norris believes that the letter was sent as a result of the teacher’s discrimination against her daughter, and we can’t really blame her.

Norris has since removed Amia from the school, and is focusing on building her daughter’s self-esteem and confidence. That way incidents like this will not dampen her spirit. We can only hope that as there is a greater push for diversity, we’ll begin to create a culture that embraces and celebrates the traits that make Black girls and women unique — including our natural hair.