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If you’ve ever had long hair, you’ve likely got it caught in something or other. I’ve been lucky enough to suffer this tragedy twice, having my hair caught in a Jacuzzi jet, and also viciously stuck to a round brush…both of which were more embarrassing than they were painful, thankfully.

But one woman recently found her hair stuck in a drone, which is the most 2017 hair conundrum ever.

A woman named Sheena, who has gorgeous, long blonde locks got caught — quite literally — in a situation when her husband Matthew attempted to land a drone on her back (whyyyyy?) and it attacked her hair. Adding insult to injury, Sheena’s hubby decided to film the event, and now the video has gone viral on YouTube. Because, 2017.

According to Mashable, Sheena attempted to get the drone out of her hair, but not before the couple’s young daughter got a hold of the remote, further tangling the device in her hair. The video is painful to watch, and we feel for you, Sheena.

The couple says Sheena’s hair was mostly unharmed in the debacle, but Matthew did cut his hand on the drone. Surely Matthew has learned his lesson and will not be landing his drone on any family members from now on.

Thankfully, all parties involved are OK, and now the video lives on forever. Lesson learned: drones and long hair don’t mix.