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Sometimes all it takes is finding that one magical product to revolutionize our routines and make us wonder how we ever lived without it. And we’ve all been through the drill of trying this hair brush and that hair brush…only to discover that both are just kinda okay. But help is on the way!

Our favorite Drew Barrymore is Instagramming her beauty-product stash for #beautyjunkieweek.

That’s right; along with posting a variety of creams and lotions, Barrymore (who, incidentally, has beautiful hair) has opened up about her favorite hair brush. And it’s not fancy AT ALL. The brush comes from The Wet Brush, who pride themselves on being “the ultimate detangling hair brush for any type of hair!” P.S. they come in pretty colors.

via giphyFeel like ordering one right now on Amazon? You can, and it’ll only set you back $12. There are also cheaper models, so just look around and see which one works for you and your needs. The key is to find a brush that takes the pain out of detangling wet hair, because that struggle is so real.

To help us even more, Barrymore also posted about her favorite little hair dryer (great for traveling) and it comes from BaBylissPro. Yeah it’s a little more pricey at $34.99, but hey, if it’s a reliable tool…worth it.

Thanks for dropping these handy life hacks, Drew! We’re on our way to having swoon-worthy, perfectly brushed (i.e. free of pesky tangles) hair. And that’s usually half the battle.