Bronwyn Isaac
Updated October 21, 2016
Donato Sardallo / Getty Images

It’s no surprise when the popular burlesque dancer and model Dita Von Teese is spotted wearing a look we wanna try out for ourselves (or at least longingly look at pictures of it for hours). In signature fashion, the vintage style queen was photographed at the Jo Malone London Girl dinner in London wearing a sleek updo we immediately wanted to cop.

Anyone who can manage to be married to Marilyn Manson for any perceivable amount of time is going to have a flourish of personality (and white cake makeup), and Dita’s personality shone through the twists of her hair and her bold floral leanings on Thursday.

Her hair looks like a shiny vine that would hang on a Christmas cottage mixed with a hairstyle featured at Fashion Week.

Donato Sardella / Getty Images

And her droplet earring is giving off some updated My Fair Lady-meets-Breakfast At Tiffany vibes.

The full outfit feels like a pond if it anthropomorphized into a sleek fashion statement.

Donato Sardallo / Getty Images

Naturally, the red lips and red nail combo are a go-to.

Is that a mood ring she’s wearing?! Either way, the turquoise works nicely with the ensemble.

Most importantly, she looks at home in the sprouting petal and leaves of this look.