So we all know and love Bella Thorne for the sassy, spunky gal that she is. And we thought we knew pretty much everything there was to know about the Famous in Love star. Except, there is one little detail we missed, and that would be Bella’s older sister, Dani Thorne. Or really, should we say her IRL twin, because despite the four year age difference, these two look ~exactly~ alike. Seriously, it’s uncanny!

For those of you who weren’t familiar with her already, meet Dani Thorne. She’s 24-years-old, and a musician-slash-DJ (just check out her Comet hits). Like her little sis, she’s an actress. And also like her little sis, she’s got an affinity for funky rainbow-colored hair combos.

Most recently, she’s gotten the two-toned bubblegum pink and lime green locks. And yes, it ~is~ amazing.

And like you probably already guessed, she’s also super close with her twin younger sister, Bella. Aweeee.

And when she’s not hard at work, you can find her on cool adventures. Like, for example, feeding giraffes in Malibu with her sis.

Or working on her aerial yoga skills (natch).

Or loving on her cute cats.

Dani and her 19-year-old sister have made quite a few red carpet cameos together, and by the looks of their Instagrams, they’re always hanging out together. Because not only do they look (nearly) exactly alike, but it seems these two are the best of besties.

Can you say #sistergoals?