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All of us who have dyed our hair at home know the risk of picking up the wrong shade of boxed hair dye. It ends up washing us out and making us look far more dull than our original color. Luckily for us, Clairol has a new app designed precisely for the purpose of helping us avoid the wrong hair color! This is truly a godsend for all of us constantly changing our hair color. It’s for the people who want the salon look without having to spend the salon dollars. Plus, it always feels good to go DIY with hair treatments but that can rack up a larger amount of money and it’s, honestly, it takes a lot of time and energy.

The new app is called MyShade and it came out on Friday on both Google Play and IOS app stores!

The app itself allows you to digitally try on several different shades as well as receive professional consultation!

The vice president of Clairol Global and U.S. Marketing, Heather Carruthers, described her vision for MyShade to WWD.

She said:

This is something we can fully get on board with!