Claire Harmeyer
February 24, 2020 5:07 pm
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Carrie Bradshaw is known for many things: Her witty writing, her bold style, her loyal friends, her rocky love life, and her expensive taste in shoes. But perhaps above all these trademark traits, Carrie Bradshaw simply would not be Carrie Bradshaw without her signature curly hair. The Sex and the City character’s wild, dirty blonde curls are even more iconic than the white tutu and pink tank top she wears during the show’s intro song, and they deserve a moment in the spotlight.

Bradshaw’s fresh, colorful, and playful fashion style has been coveted since Sex and the City premiered in 1998, but we’d dare to say her hair is just as enviable, if not more.

Starting from Season 1, Episode 1, Carrie’s curls were a character of their own, swirling in perfectly imperfect ringlets that fell just below her shoulders. Over the course of six seasons and two movies, Carrie’s curls took on many lengths and styles—bobs, lobs, pigtails, ponies, and buns. We even saw Carrie experiment with straight hair and do a quick stint as a dark brunette (which was initially more shocking than Samantha falling for Smith, but we grew to love it). Below, we’re highlighting our favorite Carrie Bradshaw hair moments.

1Classic Carrie curls

Ron Galella, Getty Images

Could this photo be more OG Carrie Bradshaw? From the fur coat to the chic purse to the wispy, blonde curls falling around her face—no styling necessary—this is Bradshaw at her best.

2Waist-length waves

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In Season 2 of Sex and the City, Carrie maintained the effortless natural texture of her hair, just with a lot more of it. This sassy, waist-length look is one of our favorites.

3Straight, waist-length strands

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Carrie kept her waist-length hair in the next season of SATC, but this time her curls were (gasp!) nowhere to be found. It took some getting used to, but we seriously dug the ’70s vibe.

4Low pony

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Carrie was the queen of low ponies in 2000 way before they were revived in recent years. She somehow made the most low-effort hairstyle look elegant and high-class.

5Tight curls

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We’ll never forget this scene from Season 3 of SATC for multiple reasons: One—it’s the moment that Carrie met Aidan (RIP their relationship), two—Carrie’s simple white tank top, pink pants, and purple flower combo makes for a look to remember, and three—her thick, tight curls are oozing glamour.

6Loose bun

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Ah, the loose, curly bun. This low-maintenance hairstyle is perfect for those scorching New York City summer days. Allowing baby hairs to fall wherever they please keeps it looking real.

7Curly bob

Debra L. Rothenberg, Getty Images

At the end of Season 4 of SATC, we saw the most drastic hair transformation on Carrie yet, with a choppy bob and curly side bangs. Although it was shocking, we were into the flapper girl vibes.

8Bird’s nest bun

Bill Davila, Getty Images

Carrie opted for a more formal hairstyle for Miranda and Steve’s park wedding, but still with her trademark charm. We love this wide, wispy bun.

9Sraight lob

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Carrie went back to straight strands in Season 6 of SATC, and she used tons of different accessories to jazz up her look—bandanas, headbands, and of course, fake flowers.

10Loose waves

Tom Kingston, Getty Images

Carrie loved a good hat moment, and this paperboy hat was the perfect addition to her loose, shoulder-length waves.

11Bob with side bangs

Mark Mainz, Getty Images

With a tamer side bang and bob combo, Carrie looked more mature and polished in the beginning of Season 6.

12Darker curls

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By the end of the series, Carrie’s curls were back in full force, but her hair color steadily became darker until she was on the verge of being a light brunette. Her tight, dramatic curls were fitting for her jaunt in Paris.

13Voluminous hair

James Devaney, Getty Images

During the opening scene of the first Sex and the City movie, Carrie wowed instantly with big, big hair. She let her waves run wild, just slightly taming them with a half-back look.

14Romantic waves

Richard Corkery, Getty Images

Carrie looked fresh as a flower in this whimsical look from the SATC movie. The soft, romantic waves served dreamy mermaid vibes that we’re all about.

15Tight bun

Richard Corkery, Getty Images

This elegant bun was a much more sophisticated vibe for Carrie, but we’re into it, especially paired with the simple earrings and classy sundress.


Brian Ach, Getty Images

While we never envisioned Carrie Bradshaw as a brunette, we actually loved her brief dip in the color during the first Sex and the City movie, even if it stemmed from a desire to hide from the world.

17Back to the basics

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We have to end on a classic Carrie curly look, because her original hairstyle simply can’t be beat. We’d kill for these natural curls that are the perfect mix of casual and put-together—just like Carrie herself.