Effortless updos have never been so easy.
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hair buns tutorial
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Let's face it: Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many of us are spending way more time online than we did before, whether we're working from home, looking for the best tie-dye loungewear set, or browsing Pinterest. If you're doing the latter, you may be looking up makeup and hair tutorials and trying them out. Hey, just because we're at home all day doesn't mean we have to stay in our pajamas 24/7 with the same unbrushed hair for days. (Although there's nothing wrong with that.)

Because of how much time we spend online, it’s no surprise that hair-bun tutorial videos are up nearly 200% on Pinterest. “Why buns?” you may be wondering. Well, they're extremely versatile—you can make your bun as fancy or as casual as you’d like. And while Pinterest tutorials can seem daunting, they’re actually pretty easy to create if you know what you’re doing. To find out how to recreate some of the most popular buns on Pinterest, we tapped several experts, who gave us the low-down on what to do.

Wrap-Around Bun

“Buns like this work best on dirty hair,” says celebrity hairstylist Dominick Pucciarello. Start by flipping your head upside down and spraying your favorite dry shampoo and texturizing spray onto your hair to give it some texture. Then, gather all your hair together and begin to make a ponytail, leaving about an inch-wide section out of it. “Per your preference, make the bun neat with bobby pins, but a topknot should look undone,” he says. To wrap it up (pun intended), take that loose piece of hair and wrap it around the base of the bun, tucking in the tip and securing it with a bobby pin.

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Framed Bun

If you’re looking for a fresh, fun alternative to the classic topknot, consider creating one with a middle part, suggests Mariread Gallagher, a hairstylist at Oscar Blandi Salon. “Having the hair textured a little is going to help it stay in place and not slide out,” she tells HelloGiggles. Use a comb to create a straight line that goes back about an inch, then release two sections of hair on each side to frame your face. Finally, pull the rest of your hair up into an angled topknot.

Sleek Low Bun

A perfectly polished, sleek bun is incredibly easy to achieve at home. Start by blowdrying your hair as you normally would; then, once your hair is completely dry, pull it together by the nape of your neck and leave a one-inch section out to then wrap around the hair band. If you're looking for the straight, very sleek look, Christen Dominique, YouTuber and founder of Dominique Cosmetics, recommends using a flat iron before styling to straighten the top layer of your hair. Finish off your look with some hairspray to keep flyaways under control, and you’re good to go!

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Accessorized Topknot

“The easiest way to upgrade your bun is to add a favorite hair accessory,” says influencer Sunnie Brook. This little trick requires almost no effort, and it’s a simple way to jazz up even the laziest styles.

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Messy Topknot

Show off your baby hairs with an ethereal, romantic bun, and then add more hair to the look! Start by taking a half-inch curling iron or wand to curl the loose strands around your face. Once the curls have cooled down, Brook suggests brushing them out with your fingers to break them up and give them a more natural-looking texture.

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Half-Up Topknot

If you want some movement with your bun, create a half-up topknot. “Curl the ends of the hair for a more playful look,” suggests celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons. Pro tip: If your flyaways start to frizz up, take a clear mascara and comb them into the rest of your hair. Yes, really.

Braided Side Bun

A braided bun may seem intimidating, but it’s just a braid that you wrap around and secure. First, sweep your hair to one side and do a traditional braid, being careful to not braid too tightly. If you want to create a thicker braid, use your fingers to widen the braid and create a looser look. Then take the tip of your braid and begin to wrap it around itself, starting at the base. Finish by tucking in the ends and securing them with bobby pins. If you have a lot of hair, you may want to add extra pins around the bun to make sure it stays put. Once you’re happy with how your bun looks, spritz on some hairspray to hold it in place.

Sleek Knotted Low Bun

This one is for the people with extra-long hair. First, use a hair straightener to get strands pin-straight. Then, comb your hair back into a tight, low ponytail. For the main event, using your right arm, wrap your ponytail around the hair tie clockwise, keeping your left hand on the left side of the ponytail. When your hair is about to make a full circle, use your left hand to go through the loop to grab the tips. Once you have them, gently pull your hair through the loop to create that knotted look. Finish by using a bobby pin to tuck the tips into the upper right section of the bun. Voilà! To take it one step further, use an old toothbrush to gel the hairs into place for an extra sleek finish.