Blake Lively is known for a lot of things. Her acting career, being a great mom, and hilariously roasting husband Ryan Reynolds. But she’s also known for her glorious, long and shiny blonde locks. But wait — it’s very possible that Blake Lively has chopped off a ton of hair. Yes, really.

She showed up on the red carpet at the Open Road Films screening of her film All I See Is You in Los Angeles on Tuesday wearing a white blazer and super cute white skirt. To complete this look, her hair was in a straight up lob.

Relax, Blake Lively fans…it might not be an actual cut.

She hasn’t confirmed that she cut her hair or anything and celebrities have entire glam squads around them to make their wildest hair and makeup dreams come true. Judging by how it flips under, it’s entirely possible that it’s just a temporary look. She wouldn’t be the first celebrity try out a shorter ‘do on a temporary basis. Emily Ratajkowski rocked one at the Golden Globes last winter.

And whether it’s real or faux, we love how the lob looks! It’s super chic and elegant. In 2013, she told Harper’s Bazaar that there’s no look she’d never try out. She said:

Maybe she stuck by her “never say never” motto and really went for it. Or maybe she was just trying it on for size for the night. Either way, she always looks amazing.