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Well, this is just the sweetest thing ever! Actress Billie Lourd’s Scream Queens’ earmuffs are actually a tribute to her mom’s Princess Leia buns.

It looks like talented acting skills aren’t the only things that run in this family — buns (or muffs) on your ears do too! If you’ve been watching Scream Queens since it debuted in 2015 you probably know that Lourd’s character Chanel #3 rocks earmuffs in every scene — well almost every scene.

Those muffs do look a LOT like her late mother, Carrie Fisher’s iconic Star Wars hair buns, and it’s not exactly by accident.

Seriously, this is such a cute story and now we love Chanel #3’s ridiculous colored, fluffy earmuffs even more.

She has then in almost every color!

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In order to keep those muffs on in practically every scene, the show’s writer Brad Falchuk created a hilarious story about a crazy ex-boyfriend obsessed with Chanel #3’s ears (he threatened to cut them off) to make her favorite accessory seem less odd.

Credit: FOX via Getty Images

Despite her love of the usually pink earmuffs, Lord explained they do get irritating every now and then. “It’s kind of like being a wrestler and having your head smushed into the floor all the time. So it’s not ideal,” she said jokingly.

Now the next time you watch Scream Queens and you see those sassy earmuffs you can remember not only the legendary Star Wars actress, but her bond with her daughter as well!