Lindsey Sirera
Updated Mar 16, 2017 @ 11:10 am

When one is a supermodel extraordinaire like Bella Hadid, dramatic hair transformations are part of the job description. This latest hairstyle is no exception. Posting a behind-the-scenes snapshot to Instagram, Bella showed off super-tight, corkscrew curls while hanging out in the hair and makeup chair. And while super curly ringlets can be tricky for anyone to pull off, Bella looks like an absolute permed goddess!

For a superstar model, Bella hasn’t actually had that many drastic hair transformations (think Cara Delevingne’s many changing cool-girl hairstyles). We’ve seen her hair short and long, dark and ultra-platinum blonde, but for the most part, she treats us to her usual super-slick hairstyle. So this ultra curly look is definitely a departure from the norm, but we totally ~love~ it.

Now, look closely at her curly hair — she’s definitely channeling Annie, right? It may not be the same bright red shade as the beloved musical character’s mane, but she’s got the curls down pat!

It seems the 20-year-old took a liking to the bouncy ringlets as well, even stepping out for an evening on the town in New York City with the bold style.

There’s no word on what photoshoot called for Bella to pull this Annie-eque hairstyle, but based on the sexy black leotard and knee-high boots from her Instagram, we’re guessing it’s going to be one epic ad campaign.

Now, Bella: While we totally adore your sleek, straight hair, we’ve got to tell you that this ultra-curly ‘do needs to become part of your regular hairstyle rotation!