Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Dec 02, 2016 @ 12:33 pm
Julia Roberts In 'Pretty Woman'
Credit: Buena Vista / Getty Images

Few things hearken back to the end of the 2oth century more than properly fluffed bangs, big tresses, and the giant free flowing curls of ’90s supermodels and actresses. As both nostalgia and the cyclical nature of style have drawn us back into a 90s-inspired fashion craze, it’s a real treat reminisce on the brilliantly ostentatious hair phase that lead us into the new millennium.

The ’90s hairstyles of the It girls took cues from ’80s hair trends, while also creating a confusing era. Butterfly clips? Flanneled grunge outfits? Yeah, it’s kind of crazy both of those trend co-existed in popularity during the ’90s. It was a horrible and wonderful time where the unflattering flipped out bobs became popular because of Rachel Leigh Cook’s look in She’s All That. And you were nobody if you didn’t own a crimper.

While there are countless regrettable styles we could shift our gaze upon, the big-haired women of the ’90s will hold a special wind-blown space in our hearts.

via giphySo without further adieu, we present a few of our favorite iconic hairstyles from the ’90s.

Cindy Crawford

It would be socially irresponsible to make a list of iconic ’90s tresses and not include the many coiffed looks of Cindy Crawford. She first entered the scene in the late ’80s when she was featured with a head full of feathered locks for a Pepsi ad. She quickly ascended the ranks of modeling.

Throughout her breakout modeling career, Crawford’s hair took many different shapes — but all of them were voluptuous.

The Noxzema Girl (Rebecca Gayheart)

Although she originally appeared on the hugely popular show Beverly Hills 90210, the curly-haired Rebecca Gayheart soon became synonymous with the skincare brand Noxzema after she landed the ad campaign in 1991.

The visuals of the sentimental ad turned her into a dreamy Noxzema girl with luscious curls.

Some of the ads felt as dramatic as an episode of 90210 TBH.

Whoopi Goldberg

At the dawn of the decade, during her role as the iconic psychic Oda Mae Brown in the cult classic movie Ghost, Whoopi Goldberg was working the large feathered bangs that helped transition hairstyles from anti-gravity looks of the ’80s into a slightly subtle ’90s style.

She looked ready to DJ at the drop of a pin during this phase.

Also, few things are conceptually cooler than Goldberg as a psychic.

Julia Roberts

There have been many tousled hair phases during the career of Julia Roberts, but few are as memorable as the natural Pretty Woman locks many of us still envision on the actress when her name comes up.

Those are some ’90s curls many women today would pay hundreds of dollars for.

If she decided to bring this back we would be in full support.

Whitney Houston

The late queen of R&B and Guinness Book of World Records winner, Whitney Houston, had almost as many hair phases as she did songs, and that’s impressive given her expansive career.

While most of her styles worked simply because it was impossible for Houston to look bad, her long ’90s curls take the cake for us.

She was such a baby, too.

While most of the popular hairstyles of the ’90s would be a bonified disaster to bring back, as proven by this list — there are some women who were born for the big bangs of decades past. To them, we raise our glass!