The #1 Hair Tool That’s On Everyone’s Wish List This Year

Save time, money, and bathroom drawer real estate with this must-have hairstyling product.

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We’re all busier than ever — especially during the holiday season. We’re also traveling more than ever, which is why a heat tool that acts as a brush and a blowdryer in one is the perfect gift for anyone looking to be able to DIY that smooth, sleek blowout effect.

Not only is it ideal for packing on vacations and weekends away, it also takes up far less valuable drawer real estate in your bathroom. When you’re carrying on, who wants to tote a brush and a separate blow dryer?

In addition, with so many holiday parties coming up, a hair tool that saves time and money (why get a professional blowout when you can do one yourself?) also makes the perfect gift to you, from you. Just saying.

So, while there are a range of hot (literally and figuratively) hair tools on the market at a range of price points, our pick is the new Drybar Straight Shot. Why? Well, let us count the ways. While there are a bevy of curling blow dryers on the market, there’s a dearth of straightening ones.

Straight Shot Blow Drying Flat Iron

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That’s what makes The Straight Shot so special — it’s actually a blow-drying flat iron. You can use it to produce a silky, straight hairstyle, or you can use it to smooth out natural curls, kinks, and waves before curling your hair with a curling iron or traditional flat iron afterward if you choose. It gives a good, professional-looking blow dry with minimal effort. And because the plates and surface area are large, it’s ideal for medium to thick hair.

Sally Hershberger NOMAD hairstylist Scott Fabian notes that you do want to keep in mind that heat tools like this get very hot. “Using a heat protector like Sally Hershberger 24K Liquid Assets is very important,” he advises.

Fabian also recommends using a thickening spray or mousse for adding structure and hold to your style. Those will set a foundation for your look to help it last an extra day or two. We like Bumble and bumble Thickening Spray and TRESemme Extra Hold Volumizing Mousse.

Bumble and bumble Thickening Spray
Bumble and bumble

To help you style your hair on your own, Fabian suggests using a few clips to section your hair so you don’t get overwhelmed. We love these rose gold styling clips from Kitsch that are so cute, you won’t mind keeping them out on your vanity when they’re not in use.

“When going for a straight smooth blowout, just pass the dryer brush from roots to ends until dry,” Fabian explains. If you want to create some bounce after you dry your hair, Fabian says to use velcro rollers. “Starting at the root of your hair, take the section and wrap the hair into a tube-like shape and clip with a duckbill clip to set and cool,” he says.

Last but not least, you want to keep the heat under control if you have finer hair. Fabian says hair that’s finer than medium should be styled using the lower heat settings to avoid overheating or burning your hair. The Straight Shot’s three speed and heat settings allow you to customize the perfect combination for your hair to achieve the sleekest, smoothest hair of your dreams.

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