Hair tattoos are apparently a thing and they’re dazzling

Love tattoos but hate the commitment and also don’t really dig that they’re on your skin forever and ever? Well, dudes and dudettes, do I have a fun announcement for you: hair tattoos are apparently a thing and they’re delightful.

Now, I know that “tattoo” tends to bring with it the connotation of permanence but, like, obviously these are not forever in your strands of hair (although actually that’s a brilliant idea for people who want bright purple hair for the rest of their entire lives). (That, by the way, is going in my brilliant science ideas journal.) You know those really fun metallic temporary tattoos that were all the rage last year? It’s like those, but on your head.

A recent addition to the Scünci hair accessories collection, these temporary tats seem fairly easy to apply – apply a damp cloth, peel ’em off. The downside? You need long, straight, silky hair which is a bummer for all us curly gals. Since I look like Merida on really, really good days and a walking dustbunny the other 99.9% of my time, I don’t think these hair tattoos are a great idea for me. That is annoying, because as much as I hate to admit it, they look really cool.

You know who agrees with me? Kylie Jenner. Yep, Scünci landed a BIG endorsement today:

Ugh, it’s like minimalist but also glamorous but also shiny. I’m obsessed with this concept.  

This also looks great. So glad I can never achieve this look.


As of now, these hair tattoos are being sold exclusively in Ulta stores for $4.99 (for two sheets). These designs also adhere well to skin, so if you really just want to go all out and look like the Tin Man Goes To Lollapalooza, you definitely can.

(Images via Instagram)