Hair sewing is apparently a thing—and it’s gorgeous

If you’re passionate about embroidery, but have trouble devising hairstyles that are similarly artistic, then stay tuned for some inspiration…

At Alexander McQueen’s most recent show, models wore fabrics covered in embellishments and elaborate needlework. These intricate designs served as inspiration for hairstylist Guido Palau, whose team was in charge of shaping the models’ runway-worthy hair.

Rather than using a truckload of bobby pins and an immense amount of hairspray, Guido decided to interpret McQueen’s craftsmanship quite literally. “We’re using Redken Windblown to give the hair some guts, and needle and thread. That’s it,” he explained to Allure. “[Designer] Sarah Burton wanted the hair to feel very natural and soft and feminine, but also artisanal, since a lot of the collection is based on artisanal workmanship.”

To start off with the perfect foundation, the hairstylist and his team gave models a disheveled middle part. Then, beginning at the hairline, they weaved the needle through the hair with invisible thread. Along the way, the team allowed the thread to knot so that it would provide the hair with various textures. Most importantly, the hairstylists sewed the hair in both the back and the front, so that the audience would always have something beautiful to look at.

“You know when you put something through a sewing machine and when you pull it, the thread ruches? That’s the idea we were going for,” the hair artist revealed to Vogue. Even if you don’t know how to operate a sewing machine, this hairstyle is still doable. As long as you have a desire to play around with your look, a needle, and some invisible thread, you’re definitely good to go.

Also – we’d like to note that this style would probably look absolutely amazing with colored thread. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of color in their hair (especially when it’s easily removable)?

For all you embroiders and hair lovers alike, we hope this inspires you to experiment with your autumn appearance!

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