The very best tools for getting rid of body (and face) hair, according to editors

Unless you take inspiration from the Sphynx cat and get full laser, the process of removing hair on your body (if you choose to do it) is a truly Sisyphean task. The hair we banish from our faces and bodies will, by force of nature, undoubtedly come back within a relatively short period of time. It’s no wonder, then, that we develop such close relationships with—and strong opinions about—our hair removal tools.

As members of lifestyle media ourselves, we have the opportunity to test a wide range of products, from disposable razors and electric shavers to wax strips and epilators. So it made sense to survey seven writers and editors about their all-time favorite hair removal products. Keep scrolling to see the top tools for getting rid of facial and body hair, according to those who’ve tried them all.

Billie Razor


“I absolutely love my Billie razor. Not only does it come in sleek colorways that look chicer than the usual drugstore options, but it really gets the job done. My legs always feel silky smooth after I use it and I’m obsessed with the magnetic holder that comes in the Billie starter kit. It sticks to my shower wall far better than any other suction cup holder I’ve attempted to use. The best part is that you can subscribe to receive replacement cartridges whenever you need them, so you’ll never be stuck with a dull razor.”

– Christie Calucchia, Lifestyle Commerce Writer

“I’m a total novice when it comes to all the cool new forms of hair removal and honestly so, so terrified of waxing. Just give me a quality razor that doesn’t knick easily and I’m a happy camper. I tried [Billie razors] out partly for their cute packaging, partly from a friend’s recommendation, and partly because I dig a brand that supports women doing whatever they want with their body hair. The easy-to-grasp handle and magnetic holder is genius, and I get a super smooth shave without tugging or irritation. In short, there’s a reason why these razors are getting a lot of buzz.”

– Mackenzie Dunn, SEO Writer

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Flamingo Body Wax Kit


“I think body hair is great and fine and usually just trim it, but I wax with these soft gel strips when I want a different look for my outfit. These strips honestly hurt way less than I expected, and the post-wax clothes soothe any irritation and make it so I’m ready to walk out the door immediately. It’s a perfect, mess-free kit for people with control issues who want to wax in the privacy of their own home.”

– Danielle Fox, Social Media Manager

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Nair Hair Removal Cream for Face


“I’ve always had a mustache. Since I was 14-years-old, I’ve gotten my upper lip waxed every three weeks, like clockwork. It’s just something my mom blessed my sister and me with. Although I actually became friends with the girl who waxed me through our monthly appointments, turning to the salon so often can get expensive quickly. So, I had to find another solution. Enter: Nair Facial Hair Remover.

This cream does the trick every time. Spread some on your upper lip, chin, or wherever you have unwanted facial hair, leave for five minutes, wipe off, and voilà—goodbye, mustache. See you again in another three weeks. Having this product in my cupboard comes in handy when I have an unexpected outdoor outing where I know the sun will be shining on my facial hair. Not having to make a trip to the salon every time I need a wax is a total game-changer.”

– Claire Harmeyer, Editorial Assistant

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Gillette Venus ComfortGlide


“I really love the Venus plus Olay razor blades because I have super sensitive skin, and the ‘moisture bars’ (as Gillette calls them) help me avoid bumps, redness, and nicks from shaving. I’m all for simplifying, and the Olay that’s built right into the blade lathers for you. And, TBH, when I’m on the go, I just have to pop the razor blade under a faucet and touch up quickly without hopping in the shower or using any shaving cream. Which means I may have used this in a public restroom when I changed into ripped jeans from my work pants to go out—no judgment, right?”

– Caitlin White, News Editor

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Dermaflash Glow in a Flash Set


“Before picking up this tool, I’d never considered shaving my face. Sure, I’ve plucked the stray wiry black growth from my neck or chin as often as the next person, but an all-over buzz never crossed my mind. Until I spoke to the Nordstrom Beauty team, that is. Over drinks at a beauty preview some months ago, a few women working with the retailer admitted to me they’d been using Dermaflash as a pre-step for their skincare and makeup routines.

The wand-like buzzer shears off all of the invisible peach fuzz from your cheeks, chin, temples—wherever, really—leaving behind a surface smoother than you could imagine. After trying it once, I brushed the back of my hand against my check and discovered baby butt-softness. My serums miraculously sank in deeper, and my bb cream applied more evenly. This ultra-gentle trimmer turned out to be the missing piece to my entire, no-longer puzzling routine.”

– Laura Reilly, Fashion + Beauty Commerce Writer

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Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor


“After years of using disposable razors with merely ‘eh’ results, I’m officially a one-woman hype squad for safety razors. They’re intimidating at first, but the grip is sturdy, the shave is closer, and the blade stays sharper longer. If you’re worried about turning your bathroom into a Sweeney Todd-level bloodbath—which I was, extremely—take comfort in the fact that I have never once cut myself using a safety razor in two years. (This is coming from someone who used to get shaving nicks all the time when I used disposables.) As long as you move ‘up and down’ and not ‘side to side,’ you’ll be golden.”

– Brie Hiramine, Commerce Deputy Editor

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