This is what happened when a beauty writer tried an 18-karat gold plated hair removal device

When I received an email about a mysterious hair removal tool called the Finishing Touch Flawless, I was immediately triggered and suspicious. While the idea of a rotary hair removal device wasn’t completely foreign to me, the concept of a device that can magically remove facial hair without pain, redness, or ingrown hair seems, well, fake. At least, I suspected it wouldn’t trump plucking or waxing my stache. So naturally, when given the opportunity to investigate (a la free sample), I went for it.

If you’re a reasonable person who doesn’t regularly watch videos of hair removal for fun, let me first enlighten you to how exactly this contraption works. The Finishing Touch Flawless, $20, has a small 18-karat gold plated head with tiny slots that essentially slough off your hair while rotating, and while that sounds painful, you can’t feel anything. Apparently, the spacing of the slots were strategically measured to prevent redness or irritation. Still, after reading about it, I needed to see for myself. So I gave it a whirl.

Here’s what it looks like with the handy cap on.


The packaging makes it look like a full-on laser or the pen holster of a James Bond villain. When you push on the gold center, the cap pops off.

This is what the Finishing Touch Flawless looks like when it’s ready to rumble.


As you can see at the top, there are small holes in the 18-karat beauty. That is where your hair is removed and gently vacuumed away.

Here is a picture of my face, before buzzing off my peach fuzz.


Full disclosure: Given the picture quality of my Android and the atrocious lighting in my bathroom, it’s hard for you to see my hair before and after. I primarily targeted my upper lip area, where I get peach fuzz and medium brown hairs. I also used it for spots on my chin, below my lips, and some hairy moles (so fun). The great thing about this product is that you don’t need to grow your hair out, you can use it every day for any kind of touch-ups.

I also want to note that I didn’t wear any makeup because I wanted to know what it would feel like to use the hair removal device, but also, because I was afraid it might clog the head.

Using the Finishing Touch Flawless was surprisingly pleasant, there was no pain or irritation.


It looks like I’m applying invisible lipstick on my upper lip line.

So, here’s how it worked. All I had to do was push the center gold button and the tiny motor made a sound. A light comes on, it heats up slightly (barely noticeable), and I used it in circular motions around my lip and chin area. I immediately saw that it removed my upper lip hair.

Technically, you can use it for your eyebrow area as well, and I did it between my eyebrows but left the area below the brow clear. 

It’s also kind of cathartic to empty your hair out afterward.


Once you’re done with your hair removal session, you can twist off the round golden top (very easily), and that is where your hair will be!

While I was given the Finishing Touch Flawless for free, my recommendation is 100% based on my actual experience. Normally, I have major suspicions about any product with an “As Seen On TV” vibe, but this actually removed my facial hair and was kind of fun?! I don’t know who I am anymore. Strangely, I had fun removing my mustache with this contraption. Is that a real sentence?! Well, it is for me. I’m sure the fact that it looks like a sexy spy tool endears me to it more.

Now I can remove my facial hair without belaboring myself with tweezers or a rusty razor, which is a win in my book. You can check out the hair removal tool at Finishing Touch Flawless’s website to see if it strikes your fancy. 

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