This is the multi-step approach to hair moisturizing you didn’t know you needed

Blondes have more fun, sure, but they also have many more problems – particularly when their breed of blonde is borne of intensive, at-home bleach sessions (I’m a sinner, I know). It won’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows anything about hair to tell you that bleach and damage go hand-in-hand. Post-dye, my hair is fuzzy, dry, crunchy: basically all the adjectives you’d not want ascribed to head follicles. To keep it in any state of manageability, it begs for moisture. And it’s a greedy consumer.

Even people with quote-unquote normal hair, a bit of serum or oil is often quite necessary once in a while. Well, with a bleach head, that is taken to the nth degree. I have learned a cocktail effect of hair moisturization which can make my hair not only OK, but actually quite good.


Most importantly: try to introduce moisture to bleached hair every day. I know, I know – but it isn’t actually that much of a pain. Before bed, for example, after you’ve smothered your face in whatever magic potions, just add some serum to your ends. Going out? Finish with a nourishing shine spray.

But really, what I attribute my hair’s length and sometime-softness to is thus – a somewhat excessive, multi-step moisturizing routine.

These are the four steps I do to reach hair-moisturizing nirvana.

1Use a mask in the shower

The first step happens in shower, in the form of a mask. What I do is, put in my mask (I use a Tresemmé mask similar to this one) and get out of the shower. Get dressed, gently twist your hair up and go about your day. I work from home, so this is easy for me to say, but try it of an evening or something if you’re a normal member of society. After a while, simply rinse your mask out over the edge of the bath. And I mask every time I wash my hair (not necessarily the full, two hour works, but I use a mask instead of a conditioner).

After you’ve rinsed, here is where the three layers of moisture come in. I must quickly disclaim that I am not actually a hair expert (shocking, I know). But doing three things like this, in this order, helps me abundantly. I notice so much more dry, damaged madness when I skip it.

2Use something protein-buildy, like keratin.

Keratin is the building block of hair, and you need all the blocks you can get. Look for it in the ingredients list – I like the Redken Extreme Anti Snap or the Bedhead Ego Booster. These products typically have claims about “rebuilding,” “strengthening,” or “protecting.” This goes at the base level because it is the stuff that actually penetrates and gets all up in your hairs. (Note: again, these are just my unprofessional thoughts.)

3Next, something nourishing-y.

These are typically products with more natural-sounding ingredients and claims about, you guessed it, “moisturizing,” “hydrating,” or “nourishing.” I love the MOMO Hair potion from Davines, or the L’Oréal Ever Pure Color Longevity Lotion, but if you like a more natural oil, jojoba and argan can be bought at the health food store and do great things. Use these with some degree of caution, though, as over-use can result in greasiness.

4Finish with a styling product

Finally, to seal it all in, something styling-y. For this, any cheapish hair serum will do. I like the ones from OGX best: the Argan and Coconut ones in particular. They do have some proper moisturizing oils, but their predominant purpose is that of a silicone paste. Silicone coats the outside of the hair and makes everything more easy to brush and less liable to go berserk. Plus, these add the perfect, cheap-hair-product smell which we all know is secretly the best.


After all of this, I center part my hair, brush the front forward, and wait the 1500 hours it takes for blonde hair to dry.


It’s a hassle, yes, but for hair that doesn’t look a cross between a cheap wig and a cartoon character who has been electrocuted: so worth it.

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