~Hair jewelry~ that we want to wear immediately

Hair Jewelry is for everyone. Short haired, long haired, curly, straight — literally everyone can glitz up their ‘do with a little bling. From the minimal to the glitzy, we’re all about it.

Our Goddess of Uniqueness, Janelle Monáe, has been bringing hair jewelry to the red carpet, making the bold and wacky totally glam. But she’s not alone. Rooney Mara, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Kate Bosworth and Emily Blunt have all adorned their locks with glamorous accessories. The variety proves that, if you can think it, you can probably pull it off.

Wintery Pearls Against a Splash of Color

Half Moon

Love, Love, Love


Crystal Crown

Shiny Things


Heart-Shaped Barrette = ?


Updo Trendsetting

Silver Chain Braid


Dragonfly Bobbie


Mixed Metals

Pink Pewter

Ethiopian Inspiration

Flexi + Locs = ?


All you really need is a jeweled headband, some bobby pins, clips, or a necklace. But why not go a little further (See Jonelle Monáe’s googly eyes.)

Glittery, glistening, natural, bright, subdued. In hair jewelry, everything goes. Flowers, jewels, hearts, bows, chains, beads, feathers, wire, ribbon. It’s all fair game. In fact, put a bird in it!

But maybe, if you’re this girl, stay away from the hair donuts.

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